Reaching Out

July 22, 2016
I have reached out to so many and have either gotten my hand smacked or just simply ignored. Sometimes you have to realize when you are reaching to the wrong people or to the stars, I guess. Don't let that deter you from your main objective. Everyone does not want to join your organization or "movement". These streets are yours alone to follow as the burdens with be yours alone to bear. Remember your path. I don't knock anyone els'e path, but I won't follow either......I want to go THIS WAY!!!!

Apt 2R. Chapter 1::: Spare Keys

July 27, 2015

To enter any apartment, you must either be invited in or obtain the keys for entry. In this case, you are invited but must obtain a key to enter. Me letting you in voluntarily shows a weakness on my part. So keep your eyes open for these sets of keys only to be found online. Special spare keys will hidden throughout the cities..... stay alert as missing the opportunity to grab a certain set of keys can leave you LOCKED OUT!!!

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A New Page...

July 20, 2014
For the past year and some months of change, I have devoted my work towards other artists. I am going to take a shot in the dark in saying that artists and business associates were not interested in what I had to offer. So I started from the ground up and learned during these adventures and found it best, as a dear friend always told me, to worry about myself and my muziiq. You cannot try to lead others down a path you were meant to travel. Crumbling up my composition and starting a new page....
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Piinky Blurb

I have nothing to hide.... .... that's the difference between me and every other woman. I have gained the ability to express myself without the fear of my truth being used against me. I love to write about and release my truth. And so I scribble and give the world a chance to read my stories. #Enjoy